Denisa FICAI graduates the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science in 2005, the master course “Special inorganic synthesis”, in 2007 and the postdoctoral stage (postdoctoral thesis was “Multifunctional nanomaterials”) in 2013 at the same faculty. In 2008 she was employed as assistant teacher and promoted to lecturer in 2011. Denisa FICAI is focused in the field of bio and nano materials as well as polymeric materials designed for various medical and industrial applications. The obtained results was published in over 75 scientific works (66 papers being published in ISI journals), 5 books and two chapters of the books, published in country or abroad. She also was part of the research teams of the 24 national projects, being project manager for 5 of them. In all of these projects Denisa FICAI was involved in activities such as: development of new routes of synthesis of new materials as well as characterization of these materials. During the last years Denisa FICAI was rewarded with many prizes: 5 gold medals and many special prizes awarded by the international Jury or by different Delegations (China, Hong-Kong, Turkey) at BRUSSELS INNOVA – The World Exhibition on Inventions, European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation – EuroInvent, International Exhibition of Inventions GENEVA.